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Customization Process



1. Drawings or Samples We get the drawings or samples from customers.
2. Drawings Confirmation We will draw the 3D drawings according to the customers' 2D drawings or samples, and send the 3D drawings to customers for confirmation.
3. injection molding When the product passes the standard, the machine starts to mold the embryo and produce in batches.
4. Spraying &UV electroplating Enter the process of spraying, electroplating and so on to make the products more perfect.
5. printing Customer-defined printing & gold stamping
6. Ultrasonic welding Blanching process.
7. Testing After the production is finished, our inspectors will inspect the products, or we will invite customers to check together.
8. Product assembly Packaging and packing of the products into the packaging workshop
9. Delivery and delivery of finished goods Packaged products enter the warehouse and wait for delivery instructions.