We need a systematic and structured design of cosmetic packaging


We need a systematic and structured design of cosmetic […]

We need a systematic and structured design of cosmetic packaging.

Brand positioning is to target the market demand, to target the psychological needs of the target consumers, to establish their own market position or the psychological position of the consumer, to determine a distinctive claim for the brand, the claim should have a huge attraction to the target consumer Force, and can establish a unique market position.

In the process of establishing this status, it is necessary to have a carrier for the brand to speak. Packaging design, as the image representative of the brand, enables consumers to visually recognize the brand's value concept and product quality. After the positioning of the brand is clarified, the packaging design can be targeted to serve the brand more effectively and become a meaningful design.

For example: CHANEL packaging is a minimalist representation, remove the extra color, choose the classic black plus white in the color, and only blend in a few products with light blue, light pink. For the shape of the container, CHANEL chose a slightly curved design in the straight line, and the surface of the container is basically not modified, more to show the smoothness of a simple plane or curved surface, and the restrained and classic brand temperament is perfectly presented.

Packaging design itself is a brand-based, culture-based discipline, which requires designers to not only pursue the temporary benefits of creativity and fashion when designing packaging, but to accurately grasp the brand positioning. , transform packaging design into an important way to establish brand connotation and create lasting brand value.