There are many cosmetic packaging bottle buyers who always sway between glass bottles


There are many cosmetic packaging bottle buyers who alw […]

There are many cosmetic packaging bottle buyers who always sway between glass bottles and plastic bottles when purchasing bottles. Glass bottles are more high-end in packaging, but the cost is relatively high. Plastic bottles are relatively low in packaging costs. So in order to balance the advantages between the two, many buyers have broken their brains. For cosmetics and health food companies, although the relevant departments have always required packaging to be simple in terms of packaging choices, consumer demand has tended to be high-end.

It is believed that with the development of the cosmetics packaging material market, the future market of cosmetic packaging materials should be increasingly segmented to meet the market demand of different regions and people. The new cosmetic packaging will take into account more comprehensive factors, and its cost, material and design will be greatly improved.

In the field of make-up packaging materials, a wave of “secondary processing” is coming. In the make-up products, a considerable part needs to rely on the packaging design to enhance the sense of value. In the past, the mold manufacturing materials produced by the mold manufacturing model are often difficult to highlight the product features. Now, the “secondary processing” of the cosmetic packaging materials can be relatively mainstream. On the basis of several plastic models, the quality of the outer packaging of the product is further upgraded through the processes of decoration, spraying and plating.

As we all know, cosmetic packaging materials, including lipsticks and compacts, are difficult to change in appearance. For bottling cosmetic packaging, suppliers can only choose to innovate in the exterior of the product. For example, the grid-like lid can be plated with a color cosmetic packaging box to make the product more textured, which helps the packaged product to enhance the sense of value.