The variety of cosmetics is unprecedented

The variety of cosmetics is unprecedented


The variety of cosmetics is unprecedented, and consumers have more and more choices. As a company, it is necessary to classify the product packaging through the efficacy and composition of the product, so that consumers can identify and purchase the cosmetics. In the classification design of product packaging, it is mainly through the regular design of the changes in the shape, color, bottle stickers and other elements of the packaging. Generally, the following combinations of packaging designs for a series of products can be used:

The same container shape, different container colors. The implementation of such a design may be a cosmetic with similar efficacy but different time of use. For example: the same series of early frost and night cream, in this case, the use of two container colors with large differences in hue is used to distinguish the concept of time.

Same container shape and container color. Bottles of the same design style, but one or several design elements on the bottle are changed. This design is usually used for a series of cosmetics with the same function but different compositions. For example, cosmetics belonging to the same fruit series use a fruit formula, so the same design style container is used, but the fruit formula is divided into pomegranate, lemon, tomato and other formulas, so the corresponding fruit pattern can be drawn on the bottle label. distinguish.

Complementary shaped container. Most of the implementation of this design is a product with complementary functions. For example, the same series of shampoos and conditioners, in order to reflect the unity of the two, and suggest that consumers should use the package to increase sales, usually the two packages are designed as a whole, together as a new The overall shape.

In short, according to the different classification methods of the series of cosmetics, the corresponding design method is adopted to provide consumers with a more effective, more intuitive and convenient guiding consumption, which will benefit both enterprises and consumers.