The unchanging cosmetic packaging may not achieve the desired sales effect


Nowadays, the competition in the beauty industry is bec […]

Nowadays, the competition in the beauty industry is becoming more and more fierce. The unchanging cosmetic packaging may not achieve the desired sales effect. A good cosmetic kit design can directly influence the brand's position in the market.

In the accumulation of cosmetic carton packaging, we have to accumulate the main materials in three aspects, 1, copywriting, as much as possible to collect some industry-related copywriting, copywriting more, and packaging is naturally more powerful. 2, the shape of packaging, millions of people around the world are engaged in creative work every day, we only continue to accumulate other people's designs every day, when they really need it, the inspiration naturally sprang out, because standing on the giant's body Look farther. 3, good design, a good designer is very powerful in grasping the color and composition. We only have to constantly ponder and practice, we can achieve the realm of practice. In summary, in fact, a good cosmetic carton packaging is nothing more than a combination of these three, as long as we accumulate enough, then the design of the product is naturally creative.

A creative cosmetic carton packaging design is actually a process of constantly establishing strong connections and connecting all things in the world. The highest state of this association is that it can be described in front of consumers with the most common things in life. A new thing. How to get this connection? We must continue to deepen this association in our lives. For example, if we see a word “high-end”, then we generally think of it: “higher”, “higher” and “high-end”, but if we divergently think “boutique” and “excellent” "Excellent" is also possible. Only a lot of associations, then our thinking will form a blockchain word network, once the word network is formed, it is easy to make creative cosmetic carton packaging. Another place where you need to associate is that we have more to do with everything we see, like seeing green. We can think of "forest", "leaves", "tea", "environmental protection", "nature", "fresh wind", "big mountain", "Olympic", "Expo", "Spring", when we have carried out various creative combinations, in practice During the operation, our cosmetic carton packs can be combined according to the characteristics of the cosmetics.