The environmental protection fresh bottle is different from the pressure


The environmental protection fresh bottle is different […]

The environmental protection fresh bottle is different from the pressure head of the vacuum pump type bottle bottle. The design concept of the patented “green bottle” is simplified and the structure is mainly composed of the bottle body and the piston, which can hold skin care products with different viscosity. Aqueous cream can be used.

The piston is pushed directly from the bottom of the bottle like a syringe, so that the product does not touch the air during use, making the concept of “fresh”, “natural” and “preservative-free” of the product worthy of the name. The environmentally-friendly fresh bottle omits the spring indenter in the vacuum system, so that the whole bottle is integrally formed, which not only ensures the vacuum inside the bottle, but also simplifies many parts, the cost is far lower than the vacuum bottle, and the PP material used is also easy to recycle. And sustainable development in environmental protection.

Because the structure is relatively simple, the corresponding failure rate is relatively low, and the quality of the bottler is guaranteed. The bottom of the syringe is used to ensure the vacuum inside the bottle, so that the product can be exposed to air and bacteria during the period of use without contact, avoid contact with air to oxidize and deteriorate the product, and keep the freshness of the product for a long time; It is convenient to quantify the removed cosmetics.

Cosmetics manufacturers can safely make pure natural skin care products without adding a lot of preservatives and antioxidants. The skin care cosmetic packaging with the design concept of preservation is effective in protecting the quality of cosmetics and satisfying the needs of luxury and novel appearance. Therefore, environmentally friendly fresh bottles are of course a substitute for vacuum bottle packaging.