The cosmetics tube industry can be set as a brand-occupied market


As a fast-moving consumer goods market, the cosmetics t […]

As a fast-moving consumer goods market, the cosmetics tube industry can also be set as a brand-occupied market to some extent. At present, there are about 20,000 cosmetics brands in the country, but only about 3,000 cosmetics companies with production capabilities. Not every cosmetic tube or brand has its own manufacturing factory. The flourishing trend of cosmetic tubes also promotes cosmetics. tube OEM business cosmetic tube business boom. At present, the cosmetic tube market is still accumulating in quantity and has not yet reached an essential leap forward, but some changes have begun to appear. As far as the current domestic market is concerned, most cosmetic companies are basically self-sufficient and cosmetic tubes have not yet become mainstream. Most daily chemical companies in China adopt an integrated approach from manufacturing to sales. Delegating all research, development, manufacturing, packaging, filling, and even packaging design of products to the company has not yet become the norm. Some companies that use manufacturing may even be considered unprofessional. Cosmetic tube giants began to enter the mainland market one after another. Coma, Kosmime, Canada’s Te Avatech and other companies landed in succession, and Mary Kay Cosmetics, the largest US direct sales company for skin care products, also broke into third-party production in China. The so-called third-party production is mainly aimed at other foreign cosmetics companies that will enter the country in the future. Under the high import tax environment, domestic OEMs are obviously more able to reduce costs. As more and more OEMs join, the competition in the sales field between similar companies will become more intense. Saving development costs, shortening new product development time, and grasping the latest product trends will become new topics. The self-made cosmetic tube will become the first choice for cosmetic product manufacturers.

Cosmetic tube is a product of market demand and will surely grow with the development of market demand. In view of the market demand for cosmetic tubes, the majority of customers are customers who do not understand cosmetic technology and management, and they cannot provide too many requirements for the equipment conditions, formulas and processes, and quality control measures required for their production. Therefore, the service must be strengthened. Is the development direction of cosmetics tubes for this demand.