Structural Quality Requirements of Lipstick Tubes for Cosmetic Packaging Materials

Structural Quality Requirements of Lipstick Tubes for Cosmetic Packaging Materials


Lipstick is the collective name for all lip makeup. Lipstick includes lipstick, lip stick, lip gloss, lip glaze, etc., which can make lips rosy and shiny, to moisturize and protect the lips, increase facial beauty and modify the contours of the lips. It is a product used as a lipstick for wedding dress Due to the complicated structure and function of tube packaging materials, the quality is also difficult to control. Therefore, the structural quality requirements of cosmetic packaging material lipstick tubes have the following points:

       First, the basic structure requirements of lipstick tube

       1. Material: It must be processed with the material determined by the contract between the two parties, and it must not be produced and assembled with inappropriate raw materials.

       2. Dimensions: Tube height dimensional deviation ≤ 0.1mm; coincides with the outer cover under proper torque, the outer cover snaps smoothly, and the gap between the outer cover and the tube is ≤ 0.1mm. Bead snails (beads, forks, spirals) should conform to the design and seal dimensions.

       3. Weight: The weight or sealed sample confirmed by both parties shall prevail.

       Structural requirements of lipstick tube

       1. Cover / bottom opening pulling force: The opening force should be between 0.2 and 2 kgf (between 1.96N and 19.6N).

       2. Withdrawal force of middle beam and base: ≧ 4 kgf (39.23N).

       3. Rotating blocking force: The rotating torque should be between 0.1N.m and 0.5N.m. There should be no obvious sound due to being too tight, and if there is a silk thread after spinning to the lowest end, the silk thread torque should be ≥0.4N.m.

       4. Middle beam: Rotate the base, the middle beam must not be eccentric (after loading, rotating the base will cause the material to be scratched).

       5. Fitting of pipe and cap: Compared with the sample sealing, the tolerance of the pipe and cap is allowed to have a tolerance of 0.5mm. The caliber of the pipe and the production mold must be matched properly.

       Third, the feel of lipstick tube requirements

       The touch of the lipstick tube is flat, and it is easy to be elastic, without obvious blockage and step feeling when rotating the lipstick tube.