Cosmetic packaging design is usually based on simplicity

Cosmetic packaging design is usually based on simplicity


Cosmetic paper can packaging, is a colorful, diversified process, integrated packaging. First of all, from the form of this year's more popular Italian flat-bottomed flat, once listed, it has been loved by many customers; can use different paper materials, using hot stamping, printing process, UV, hollow, bump, film and other fashion elements, In conjunction with the details of the craftsmanship, we will introduce creative paper cans that follow the trend of the times. Not only the printing effect is exquisite, the color is rich, and the physical properties are superior, anti-fall and anti-pressure, and green. Create a visual feast for cosmetic packaging.

Material is the basis of packaging, it is not only related to the shape and texture of the packaging, but also the protection of the packaging is mainly achieved by selecting suitable materials. The packaging materials of cosmetics mainly include the following:

1 plastic. At present, the main plastics used for cosmetic packaging are: PET, PE, PVC, PP, etc. Among them, PET is mainly used for water and beverage packaging, but due to its high strength, good transparency, good chemical stability and barrier properties. Advanced features, widely used in recent years, such as cream, lotion, lotion and other packaging.

2 glass. As a packaging material, glass has many valuable characteristics, such as: transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability, and excellent barrier properties. It can be made into various shapes and sizes of packaging containers by various molding methods. Perfume and some high-end cosmetics cater to female consumers with its crystal clear beauty.

3 metal. The barrier property of metal is good, especially the aluminum has a strong barrier to water and oxygen. It can protect the contents well, and is mainly used for some essential oils, skin care products, moisturizing spray metal cans, and some Make-up on the box.

1 bottle. Bottles are the most common and used most in cosmetic containers. This is mainly because the cosmetics are mostly liquid or viscous pastes, and the fluidity is relatively good, so the bottle can accommodate and protect the contents well. . The capacity of the bottle is large and small, and can adapt to the needs of a variety of cosmetics.

The shape of the bottle is ever-changing, but no matter how it changes, it is a change or combination of geometry. The most important ones are cylinders and cuboids, because the vertical load strength and internal pressure strength of such geometric bottle types are better. The bottle usually has no sharp corners or sharp knuckles, and a smooth transition between the parts with a gentle transition. This design also gives a soft feeling.

2 boxes. The box is also common in the packaging of cosmetics, mainly used in the packaging of color cosmetics, such as powder cake, eye shadow and more plastic, can be made into transparent or some color packaging box according to needs, the outside of the box can be printed by More beautiful, you can also emboss through a three-dimensional pattern, giving people a richer feeling.

3 bags. The bag packaging is mainly used in the cosmetic test equipment, and its capacity is only used 1 or 2 times, so that the merchant can achieve the purpose of selling the goods, and will not invest too much.

Cosmetic packaging design is usually based on simplicity, only need to display the necessary information such as trademarks, product names, etc. In many cases, no other graphics or patterns are needed. If the cosmetics packaging uses graphics and patterns, it is also very simple.