Conventional use of cosmetic bottles

Conventional use of cosmetic bottles


Conventional use of cosmetic bottles, the contents of which are mostly need to be poured out to use, and the wide-mouth bottles used in creams, need to be applied by hand. The use of spray bottles as a packaging material for cosmetics, the first simplifies the steps of use, the second reduces the chance of secondary pollution of the product, and the third is more in line with the consumer's demand for use.

Just like the sunscreen spray that has sprung up in the past two years, it is favored by some consumers because of its advantages of easy use and uniform application. Of course, it is also related to the refreshing and non-greasy feel of the sunscreen spray product itself. However, the texture of the product and the cooperation of the packaging materials are the highlights of each product.

Products with different textures and different viscosities use different sizes of nozzles. For products with smaller viscosity, the nozzle diameter should be appropriately reduced to achieve better atomization.

In short, packaging is no longer limited to the bearing and aesthetic level, the product experience is also very important, and the simplicity mentioned above is only one. The fun of packaging materials is also one of the directions of packaging development.

Speaking of fun, as a female consumer of the cosmetics market, many people have potential standards for product packaging needs.