For the choice of cosmetics there are many options


For the choice of cosmetics, there are many options, su […]

For the choice of cosmetics, there are many options, such as brand, quality, packaging and so on. In my opinion, in the competition between plastics and glass, cosmetic plastic packaging is still one of the most stable positions. Although there are constantly a variety of materials appearing in the packaging, but the transparent crystal-like plastic packaging still allows many girls to love, the long-lasting plastic packaging has always been in a leading position. The reason is very simple, the first is portable and convenient, the second is hygienic and simple, and the most cost-effective. Nowadays, with the continuous innovation of various new technology research and development and new technologies, some new plastic materials have also been developed to ensure the quality of plastic packaging. It also gives plastic bottles a transparent texture that is more durable and portable than glass packaging.

A variety of beautiful packaging also allows Amy's girls to have a wider choice, designers also spend a lot of effort here, high-end cosmetics are more and more popular. Transparent packaging is not only full of modernity but also gives a pure impression.

The design requires that the cover and the bottom insert must match the color of the eye shadow, but the glass material does not achieve that texture. The designer carefully adjusted the color of the insert to compensate for the subtle chromatic aberrations that occurred during the two moldings. Finally, the upper and lower inserts are perfectly matched, and the main materials are all in plastic packaging. If you are still struggling to create high-quality packaging, plastic packaging industry network, choose a packaging design you like to build your product.