Cosmetic paper cans came into being.


Cosmetic paper cans came into being. Exploring simple g […]

Cosmetic paper cans came into being. Exploring simple green packaging is the direction of China's packaging environmental protection in recent years.

The so-called degradable means can be naturally decomposed, and under the action of microorganisms, a compound which is common in natural forms such as carbon dioxide and water is finally formed.

Why are cosmetic paper cans degradable? Because the cosmetic paper can is made of paper as the main raw material, it is not only safe and hygienic, but also has good sealing performance, and has the functions of waterproofing and moisture proof. And paper can be naturally decomposed.

With the increasingly prominent advantages of paper can packaging, paper can packaging applications are more and more widely used today, and have been widely used in food, gifts, electronic products, children's toys, cosmetics and other fields, especially the packaging of paper cans is exquisite, high-end, atmospheric The appearance of the structure, let the cosmetics show the luxury of luxury.

At present, paper can packaging is very common in foreign countries, regardless of the industry, there are paper cans packaging. Moreover, the foreign paper can packaging technology is advanced, and most of the domestic paper cans are imported from abroad. Because the packaging of paper can be made by different production processes, it is presented with exquisite, high-end and atmospheric packaging, which is therefore favored by cosmetics manufacturers.
Cosmetic paper can

The cosmetics are packed in paper cans, which can be made of different paper materials. The use of hot stamping, printing process, UV, hollow, bump, film and other fashion elements, with the details of the process of crimping, fine cutting, etc., to follow the trend of the times Creative paper cans. Not only the printing effect is exquisite, the color is rich, and the physical properties are superior, anti-fall and anti-pressure, and green. It can be said that the paper can packaging is very suitable for cosmetic packaging, meticulous, exquisite, and fine, to help customers achieve visual marketing.
Cosmetic paper can