Compared with other products the cosmetics industry has a very large consumer


Compared with other products, the cosmetics industry ha […]

Compared with other products, the cosmetics industry has a very large consumer elasticity, product updates and iterations are very fast, and the upgrading of consumer demand has also made many packaging materials companies feel the heavy pressure. How to stand out from the fierce competition in the packaging material market, Many companies are soberly aware that only by making innovations in product functions, environmental protection, texture and other aspects can packaging materials companies be at the forefront of sustainable development.

The personal care product industry, which relies heavily on labels and packaging in terms of branding and marketing, consumers increasingly value the functional value of packaging and containers. In the new retail era, packaging is no longer a simple container, but a new mission. Creative classic packaging has become the easiest and most effective way for companies to enhance brand value.

"Instrument + packaging materials" two-in-one form, for consumers, portable, easy to use, save space, while the brand is a good way to upgrade products and add value. In the cosmetics industry, technology can often To bring higher value to the product, most brands will choose a form with a sense of science and technology to present the brand characteristics, and gradually let the concept of smart packaging enter the forefront of the times. The brand will conceptually give the product packaging a sense of technology and improve the technicality of the product And sense of intelligence.

In addition, adding intelligent sensing equipment to cosmetics packaging is also an option for intelligent packaging. For example, Shiseido's smart sensor cushion foundation uses new cutting-edge sensor technology to effectively use the effect of light refraction and intelligently adjust the color of the base makeup according to the change of the body's water and oil balance. The light-sensing powder adjusts and reflects the ideal light according to the secretion of oil on the face, synchronizes it with the skin state, so that the skin reveals the true light, and finally creates a translucent or silky elegant makeup feeling.