01Magic Packaging Launches Airless Refillable System for Sustainability

Magic Packaging’s Airless Refillable System represents an evolution in sustainable packaging for the cosmetics industry.  The patent-pending refillable system utilizes polypropylene throughout the entire system and can be used with Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact.  The airless design allows up to a package total of 75% Polypropylene PCR can be incorporated. 

Incorporating a disposable and replaceable inner cartridge is Magic Packaging’s newest innovation towards sustainable packaging.  “Innovation is defined by Magic Packaging as a solution that must meet several criteria for us to consider it an innovation,” according to Robert Bulla, Director of Engineering & Innovation.   “An innovation must be replicable, economical and satisfy a particular need in the market.  Most airless refillable packages on the market are simply a screw off-pump branded as refillable.  The material selection has not changed, and the materials utilized are not easily recyclable.  Another issue that we are seeing is that the packaging is not intuitive for user-friendly use and reuse,” states Bulla. 

The Airless Refillable System designed by APC Packaging’s engineering department utilizes a simple push of a button to release the inner assembly which allows the customer to easily replace only the inner bottle and then easily slide and snap back into position.  The Airless Refillable System will be available in 30ml and 50ml versions.  In addition, APC Packaging will be releasing a patent-pending refillable jar system in 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml sizes.

All innovations developed at Magic Packaging go through a process from material selection, design, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Magic Packaging can work with you to ensure that your Brand DNA and sustainability requirements are met.